Wow, ok so April has come and gone so quickly it is frightening, although this does bring us closer to our summer holidays and a few months out of Doha and the Dust ….

The kids started the month off with another assembly concert at school, this time for the Yr 2 and 3 classes. Jessica sang to her hearts content for the year 2’s with songs like “What’s a friend for?”, “I like the flowers”, “I’m a little hunka tin” and “You can push you can pull” all the songs were once again in line with the Unit of Inquiry with regards of how to treat your friends and people in general, gravity and our living planet. Sean then sang with the choir for their last concert before their teacher goes on maternity leave. As usual they sounded wonderful.

Easter this year 4 April, had the bunny hopping over to our apartment to find the kids…. he left a trail from the 15th floor to the pool outside, where the kids found far too many eggs again this year. I need to have a little chat to the white fluffy fellow… at the end of April, they still have eggs to finish 🙂
The kids and I went off to the Intercontinental for an Easter Lunch, and the guys joined us later…. they worked here on Easter Sunday, no celebrating was done, other than for at the few hotels and a couple of mediocre eggs in the shops. I really want to be home next year for Easter, I miss our white eggs and yolk eggs….. the things you miss when you no longer have them at your fingertips…. Sean’s teacher managed to get her husband to bring some yolk eggs back from SA and she gave one to each of the boys. Jess’ teacher in contrast forgot that it was Easter (even though we were having the Easter holidays) and was shocked when Jess gave him an egg for Easter 😦

The Easter holiday was spent sailing every afternoon, the kids took to it like a duck to water and were happy to drop every other extra mural forever to just sail everyday of their lives. Sailing will resume in October, when the temps hit below 35 degrees and skin does not burn to smitherines …. lol however much fun was had and the holiday was spent in bliss!

The kids then had a fair day at school where they got to dress up as their favourite character in a book. The term started off with the emphasis being on Books and writers. They had a visit from the 2 Steves, who write some interesting kids books…similar to adventure books but you get to chose the route the character takes to get to the end. Then they had a book fair and the dress up day. The week ended off with an International Food Fair, with food made by parents from all over the world. It was wonderful to taste the different fairs and we all rolled out of there vowing to go on diets immediately.

Qatar also hosted a Marine festival at the new Cultural Village. There was professional sand “castle” building, outdoor movies, an aquarium experience and a sand castle building competition, to mention a few of the activities …. Sean and Jess both entered the competition and we were called a few days later to let us know that Sean had won his age group. He was ever so excited, considering he loves building and spending time digging in the sand on the beach. He proudly accepted his trophy and along the way made some new friends, all from SA mind you and the majority of boys that won were from SA too!!! I was very very proud!

April is going to end with a wonderful birthday party for my friend Helen, so exciting and a French Assembly for Jessica, I am very excited that the kids are learning French, so that is going to be fun.

Until next month, love you all ….. and have a great May ….