March was filled with loads of activities, never a boring moment in Qatar.

Sean was in a creative assembly on 11 March, where they sang the ABBA song Mama Mia – he was part of the choir for the 2nd term of the school year. Unfortunately the choir teacher is going off for maternity leave, so choir is not on for the 3rd term.
He was also the usher for the assembly and we were very proud of how he handled some difficult parents. He then handed out the certificates for the year 4 to 6’s. He is growing up soooo quickly. It was a fun assembly with some of the other kids showing their talents with music pieces played on the piano, poems being read and a ballet recital.

We were privileged to be able to watch the IAAF indoor world champs from 12 – 15 March. Steve got tickets for every day and we joined him on the Friday. I have never been to an indoor athletics event, it is much faster and busier than the outdoor ones. We got to see records being broken and Croatian Blanka Vlasic women’s world high jump record holder at 1.94m, and Godfrey Mokoena SA long jumper, who came 2nd.

On 13 March, Jess had a mad hair day at school and proceeded to put her hair into ponies and spray paint it green. She is such a brave soul when it comes to putting herself out there, and has a mind of her own. She new exactly what she wanted to do with her hair, the dress she wanted to wear and how the whole look needed to gel together, no pun intended πŸ™‚

Jess and Sean both had outings this month, Jess went to visit a Nursery Plantation as part of her Unit of Inquiry for school. It was a rather hot day out, but the kids had a ball, walking through Greenhouses filled with plants and cool mist….something I enjoyed immensely and onto the bigger vegetable greenhouses with tomatoes, cucumbers, and loads of wonderful vegetables. It was a fabulous experience for the kids and good for me to see how the veges are grown here and what care they take.

Sean went on his Spring Cub Scout Campout. This time Mum (that would be mwa) came along for the outing. Sean dug a hole to the other side of the earth, to the enjoyment of the other cubs and their siblings, who joined in to find America …. purely because it is the American Cub Scouts πŸ™‚ The boys did their skits and it was hysterical to listen to their childlike jokes, it took us back to the days….
Badges were handed out, where Sean got his “Leave no trace” and “Outdoor Activities”, as well as his 2nd campout badge. I must admit it was wonderful to get home and have a fabulous bath, the amount of desert we brought back with us could have created a sandpit.

Sean and Jess did their next Taekwando Grading and both received their next belts, Jess her Blue belt and Sean his Blue 2 stripes. They are both really proud little kritters.

Qatar hosted a Science fair that ran for the last of week of March, Sean and I attended on the last day and he had so much fun. He ran from one experiment to the next, enthralled with it all. His favourites were the robots and he preceded to make as many as possible in the time we had. He also found the solar experiments of great interest and enjoyed, lighting and warming things with the panels.

And so ended March …. and into Easter