May has been rather fun with the school year coming to an end, everything seems to be winding down… that is the weird thing about having the school year ending in the middle of the year, the year feels so short! It feels like is should be Xmas but we just had Xmas, so we are looking forward to a lovely long 3 month holiday, then back to school for 1st term at the end of September and then boom it is Christmas again!

We started the month off with Sean’s Cubs derby racing, all the cubs have to make a car from a piece of wood and a few designs from the internet. It is rather fun to see who comes out with what and how fast the cars can go. Sean and Dad worked hard on their car and it was rather sweet, and when we saw the other cars we realised that next year we had to work on a design that was a lot sleeker 🙂 but fun was had by all …..

The next outing was with Sean’s class to the Islamic Museum for a Pearl Exhibition. A rather interesting experience of exactly how pearls are created…. The exhibition showcases over 300 artifacts and art works involving pearls and demonstrates how pearls are formed and their relationship with societies throughout history. Along with the collection of Qatar Museums Authority, the exhibition has benefitted from the exquisite collection of its presenting partner Al Fardan Jewellery as well as lenders from around the world such as: British Museum, Albion Arts and Walter Elwood Museum.

Jess participated in her first French Assembly and they sang and danced so sweetly. Can’t say I understood a word … lol but it does allow Sean and Jess to have a secret language of their own from Mom and Dad when they grow up!! May have to do something about that 🙂

18 May saw the ISLQ drama and music team with the Yr 4, 5 and 6s put on a wonderful show called Xpress Fest, it was based around the children expressing themselves within the world we live in with all its flaws and beauty. How to look after our earth and ourselves with some lovely group songs through to individual performances. There are some fabulously talented children in the school and the solos were inspiring!

On 21 May Sean participated in the Doha Players Drama group Show. A group of 14 boys and girls had been taking part in classes, every Friday since March and brought all their learnings together for a final show for Moms and Dads and friends…. Sean acted in the part of Oliver and he was a cute little Twist 🙂 The improvs were interesting and fun, the monologues well learnt and the songs uplifting. Come September I think I will have 2 children at drama class!

And then of course there are the bits and bobs during the month 🙂
A bit of ice skating, Gondalloing 🙂 , BBQing with friends, the Cubs end of year party and birthday celebrations…..the last few days of being able to sit outside without feeling like you are dying from the heat, altho I only lasted about 1 hour and had to hit the indoors. We hit about 50 degrees midday …think summer is here yet??