so somehow along writing about Feb, I forgot January right out ….

4/8 January
And an exciting month it was, the early part of January was spent watching my favourite game of Tennis, with Nadal and Federer …. at last as I missed out last year.
The kids loved it as well, and happily shouted out “Come on Federer or Go Roger” to our delight, especially when the stadium was silent…. and each time it would elicit a few chuckles from those around us. Davydenko won the tournament this year against Nadal, most importantly we got to see Roger πŸ™‚

13 January
Sean once again shone in an assembly show of Matilda, where he and a few classmates did their own version of the Roald Dahl book. It was well adapted by the kids, who also did the stage props, casting and directing. Sean managed to do 3 different roles: the parrot, the ghost of Miss Honeys father and Michael Wormwood, Matilda’s brother….. we were really really proud of him πŸ™‚

19 January
Sean in the meantime has been working hard to complete some of the tasks set out in the Boy Cub Scout hand book and one of these is “Law Enforcement is a big job” Needless to say; him and I have been working through this Bear Trax by taking finger prints, ensuring our apartment on the 15th floor is well secured from burglars (had a good laugh at that one), having emergency numbers, knowing where to get help, etc etc the last assignment was to visit a law enforcement / police station, a bit difficult in Doha. However, one of the cub moms managed to get us a visit to a fire station and off the packs went and had a fabulous day out. They got to use the hose, sit in the Fire Engine and go up in the rescue ladder. One of the Mom’s kept repeating over and over again “Only in Doha, only in Doha” as the ladder would extend out and have moms and kids hanging in the air…. I got the feeling that if we were in America there might have been law suites being filed πŸ™‚ The guys at the station were fabulous hosts and we were invited back and to go to the coast guards, which we are all excited about. Roll on next year….

28 January
ISLQ Sports Day, what a fun day for the kids. It initially started off with all the “correct” sports day events, 400m & 100m races, onto long jump and high jump, etc etc…. then the fun began with sack races, potato races, hoola hoops and running games. The kids had a ball and it was such a fun day, I laughed every time the kids tried to wiggle their bodies like contortionists in some of the events. Regardless to say they had a lot of fun.

28 – 31 January
The Qatar Masters Golf Tournament – our little oasis in the desert
We missed it last year, so it was fun to go and have a walk around, the kids were not as interested as they were in the Tennis, but it was a fun day out. We got to see the Goose and the kids supported our SA guys.
It was won by Robert Karlsson of Sweden.

Jess and Sean have also started piano lessons, Jean-Claude comes to the house and he is ever so very French and lovely, listening to him speak is like music in itself, teehee. They have both picked up on playing the piano phenomenally well and are playing cords already. Although Jess does believe she is writing scores and constantly brings me sheets of music with letters and notes on, saying “This is Dads Song, this is Mom’s song, Sean’s song and Jessica’s song, they are all scores Mom, see see??” Sean just wants to get down and play and learn all the cool Green Day songs. Interesting choices.

and that my friends was January πŸ™‚