STEVE …..(adding my piece) has pretty much adapted back to corporate after 12 years as a revenue generating consultant. Definitely a lot less stress and when I leave work I really leave work. After years of taking work on holiday and working the nights and weekends it really is fantastic. I walk to work and back most days. I have been back on the road the last 3 months running (40mins) one day and walking (60mins) the next, the old bones seem happier running every second day these days! I have a scenic 7.5km route along the Corniche around the bay. We have bought properties in Cyprus. The properties we sold in SA Rands merely made a dent in the Cyprus Euro price! So from April when we take ownership of the 2 apartments in Cyprus we will be paying off a mortgage again. I registered for my MBA (again!) and am scheduled to write my first exam in June 2010. We plan to spend July & August in Cyprus and you all have an open invitation to join us there. We have a growing group of friends here and we have a busier social life than ever between the kids and ourselves. I certainly miss our friends and family in SA, but we are just a phone call/skype/facebook/email away and look forward to a big family Christmas in December 2010 in JBay. Merry Christmas and Happy (safe) New Year from me J (back to Denise).