DENISE – I have taken a while to settle as you all know J, but traveling to so many different places has definitely helped a lot. I have at last realized that I just need to be an expat and live an expat lifestyle. Once you get that, life can become so much more exciting. It is more like an adventure now than feeling like a constant daily chore. Although, the daily chores can be quite hectic without Betty, at least we have some help though! We have also made some lovely friends and it is great to have a support system when we need one. It is helpful from an emotional point of view and also when we need some help with baby sitting or going away for a weekend. The friends we have made in Doha are really special and I think we have all realised that we are expats in a country we can never truly settle in and the support and kindness that everyone freely gives to one another is amazing and much appreciated, along with the wine and daiquirisJ

I have started art classes again and am loving the creative outlet. Hopefully, I will start Arabic classes in January and will be able to understand the locals. Work wise, I am still working on the website which takes up most of my morning, doing marketing, admin, updates and upgrades.Then I try and make it to the gym or run 5 of the 7 days, yes I am slacking the 7/7 doesn’t seem to crack it anymore J So chips, I am chipper than before, but still miss you all tons.