JESS – is involved in making puppets at school, yes a strange extra activity, but they make puppets and she loves being arty so she is in her element. She comes up with the most amazing designs from books, to pictures, to 3D designed baskets, houses, chairs, you name it she will make it with paper, staples, tape and colouring pencils. She also includes feathers, beads, glitter and anything else she can get her hands on. She is still our little social butterfly and nothing gets her down, she is so happy and friendly that everyone loves her to bits, although she does tend to strangle most with her rather strong hugs. She still comes up with her little corkers like in Qatar there is an Education facility that they are building and one of the concepts is a tree representing, growth, structure, support, family, etc….. as we drive past the uncompleted building, Jess looks at it and says: “That’s the biggest Tree house I have ever seen!” From the mouths of babes 🙂 Jess also lost her first baby tooth while we were in SA in July, oh boy are they both getting big now! She learnt how to cycle, and skateboard, but more importantly caught her first fish!!!