SEAN – Mmm my gorgeous boy is very into his cooking, he does lessons at school and loves to cook these really interesting dishes at home, the best being omelets du frommage (cheese omelets), he has also baked biscuits, pancakes, muffins, helped cook spaghetti Bolognese, chops onions like a chef and mixes the perfect jelly desert. I’ll have him trained and cooking dinner nightly for us soon! He joined Cub Scouts this year and is in the Bears Pack. He is loving every minute of being a little cub….. he has already got his Bobcat badge for knowing his Cub promise, salute, etc etc, and another for model boat building and racing and has quite a few other tasks to complete by June 2010 to get his Bear badge. They went on their first camp out this weekend (10th), in the first rains in Doha for 11 months and he loved it (although Dad took strain with dust allergies!). Sean joined the choir in September and loves the singing and dancing. I love the fact that he is the only boy and it does not phase him at all, he is really his own little person and is growing into quite a charmer with the ladies. He sang in the school play in June and on a note of being biased, he was very good. He loved every moment of it and was quite a charming caballero…. He is in the middle of Year 4 (which is Grade 3) and is doing very well, although he still does hate homework. Although he does love to read and goes through a few books a week now…..