Merry Christmas for 2009

That time of year again, where merry is merry and it is time to have fun. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for 2009.

It has been an exciting year for us with lots of trips, memories and adventures. Where to start??

The kids have settled nicely into a routine and have made some lovely friends. Sean and Jess are now both at the International School of London Qatar – ISLQ and they are loving it. It is an International Baccalaureate curriculum (PYP), which I am still getting used it. It is more about creating a foundation for learning and building confidence than about testing and exams.

They are both enthusiastic gymnasts, with Jessica managing to do the splits and showing us her muscles all the time. Sean is growing stronger by the day and I think between Taekwando and gymnastics he has found two sports he really loves. He is very motivated to get his black belt, which may take a good couple of years. They can manage to get a belt every 3 months, so 4 a year, but with the Summer holidays we will always miss getting one belt every year in September, Jess of course wants to keep up with her brother so she is always motivated and one step behind him. Sean got his Green belt before the summer holidays and Jess her Yellow one. They are both going for grading again before Christmas, so hold thumbs. The kids also took tennis and swimming lessons this year, it just depends on how hot it is outside as to what they are going to do as extra murals, if it is 50 degrees, outside is not an option L They are both also learning French at school, so as Steve and I speak Afrikaans when we want to talk privately, so Sean and Jess do so with French…. Sneaky cheeks!

From an activities point of view, we have been privileged to see the top 10 men and women Tennis players competing, F1 boat racing, F1 motor biking, top cyclists, IAAF outdoor and indoor athletics, gymnastics, and England vs Brazil Soccer in this small little country….now we just need the cricket and rugby. We also went on an exciting desert safari, hair raising to say the least, with Jessica screaming blue murder from the back and me giggling hysterically in the front, strange how we all cope with stress in different ways J overall though it was an adrenalin rush and we all loved it. Sean and I loved the dune boarding.