Gosh, it has been a while hasn’t it….
So SA visited – tick
Mauritius visited – tick
Turned 40 – tick
Back to Qatar! – tick
Kids back to school – tick
Kids back on holiday – tick
Kids back to school again – tick thank god

SA was a blast, it was fun and great to see everyone!! I miss everyone so much already.
So the kids and I went to SA on our own for the first 10 days, we stayed in Johannesburg and then flew to Jeffries Bay where Steven joined us. It was lovely to spend those 10 days with Mom and Dad.
Then we flew to Durban to spend some time with Andrew and drove to the Burg for a few days to enjoy a bit of a relax! We also go to see my wonderful Aunt Hil, Uncle Rob, Hazel, Alistair, Anthony and Michelle and all the 2nd cousins to our kids 🙂

Back on the road up to Joburg to celebrate my 40th, which was fun and wonderful to see all my friends in one spot. Felt pretty old though, gosh 40, who would have thought!

Then our little wine club flew to Mauritius for 10 days (mmm 1o days in most spots), it was wonderful – Les, Paul, Cam, Lauren, Col, Craige, Kayla and Michael, and Magdel and us…. it was a blast and what a wonderful wonderful treat to be with my friends and family for all those days. Got a bit sick during the stay, but well so go life!

Once back in Joburg, we spent a few days there….also loads of doctors visits and then off to Sun City for our last couple of days, which were great with Les and Paul joining us for a very relaxed stay! Then sad goodbyes and back to Doha….

Well, the kids had 2 full months of holiday. got back to school on 1 September and then off for Eid for a week and then another week for Swine flu. Then back to school again, thank goodness. it is crazy just how long they were on holiday for, so long i think they forgot who they were!

and so life goes on….. so many months and so much has happened….pics to follow!