Jessica with her friend Erin
Matthew looking scarey

Sean and Dad looking on
Sorry to say this, but I am convinced that housework ages you…..
the solution let everything go to pot, live in a state of dissaray and look young πŸ™‚

The continuous state of cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, packing, childcare, homework, etc etc etc and the monotony of it is enough to make anyone insane…..the moral of this short and sweet story is that I soooo miss Betty… constant lifesaver at home. My cooker, cleaner, washer, babysitter, housekeeper, sane keeper, my friend and my kids 2nd

If there is one thing I could have brought with me it would have been Betty πŸ™‚
Yes, yes my family and friends too, but would you have cleaned the apartment for me….. excluding Mom of course!!!!! LOL
Btw for those who bitch about their maids, let me tell you it is a heartless, thankless job…..don’t moan too much guys… day you may be the maid πŸ™‚ I know!
Yay 5 days to go, I have a lump in my throat, my heart pulpatates every now and then and the excitement is rushing through my vains. I cannot wait to see you all!!!! AND HAVE A REST FROM HOUSEWORK πŸ™‚
Photo – Jess at her first disco….busy social week ahead still with school outings!!