Jess 7th Birthday party – 2 months early with Nathan 6

This morning I was running happily on the treadmill, thinking that I would do 1/2 hour as I had just walked 36 floors of the building… 1/2 hour would be enough for me to feel like i had exercised today….obsessively I will go to gym tonight to make up for the lack of strength training….

Besides that, my run was extended, as obsessively again, I needed a rounded figure to finish off with…. the 30 minute rounded figure was not in my mind the right rounding, no I felt that the rounding needed to be that of the distance run, my mind racing along with my legs then needed to determine how far the rounding needed to go, I was sitting at 4.38km’s at this stage so could I push to 4.5 or should it be 5?? If I do 5 then my run is extended time wise and I did not want to push too far past 30 minutes and I need to do other things today (I say as I am writing this and should be doing other things instead)….
Do our obssessive compulsive behaviours become those of our children? I strongly believe they do, as our son obsessively tidies his room ensuring that everything important to him is stashed away in the correct place, playing is also obsessive – people must sit in the correct position and play the game according to the rules. Our daughter categorises the food on her plate and ensures nothing touches anything else, tomato sauce is also pushed to the side……
I am hoping I am not that obsessive, but I do remember being Sally – please put the salad on the side with no dressing and etc etc….poor Harry….. not that he is innocent either – we all have our little obsessions and boy do they come out in our kids 🙂
Have a happy day everyone