Marco 21st and the boys – Adrian, Paul, Steve, Dad, Marco and Mariano
Les, Debs and Me at the cliffs

Life saving pub after the cliffs – Paul, Les, Me and Steve
Photos of our times in Ireland 2006

ok, trying to get videos and photos sorted before I leave on holiday…. 🙂 be still my heart, it is quite a process to do the last 20 years…

I came across this really funny video ….. you had to be there, but I know it is going to put a smile on at least 5 other peoples faces, so bear with me.
We went up to the Cliffs of Mohair in 2006 while we were in Ireland for Marco’s 21st birthday (note to self, must get to Ireland in the summer next time :-))
anyway, Debbie was dressed in this bright yellow rain coat with a fluffy pink and black retro afro beanie… elicited quite a few laughs from the rest of us. Needless to say, looking at the video now, we all looked pretty ridiculous, just love it….. the wind was howling and we were literally being blown off our feet. Regardless to say, we were in hysterics and laughing at being blown off the cliffs to Debbies attire. Once again you had to be there, and perhaps if you have been there in winter you will understand. It is icey cold, winds are laughable and sidewalks are slippery. Needless to say, nothing that a couple of pints could not sort out afterwards…..oh thank goodness for those Irish pubs with glowing embers in their fireplaces, stinky little dogs at your feet and fine Guiness and beer to devour………
Les, Debs enjoy!!!!