The Tree house

I will take an actual picture next week on my way to classes, this is there sketch of what it will eventually look like!

This is just a quickie today 😉

Sean did his Taekwando grading, the minx is loving it and I am so happy that he has at last found a martial art that he is loving! We will find out in the next 2 weeks if he got his green belt….

The joke, ok – on the way to the grading the team dropped me off at Education City for me to go to my classes, they are still building the city so lots of cranes and unfinished buildings around.

There is one particular building, where the concept is a tree representing, growth, structure, support, family, blah blah….. as we drive past the uncompleted building, Jess looks at it and says : “That’s the biggest Tree house I have ever seen!” From the mouths of babes 🙂

Love it, she says it as she sees it….we were laughing for the rest of the trip!

Have a great week and excellent day off tomorrow