Scott and Steven at our Progressive Al Seal Dinner in May, it was Scotts Birthday

Scott, Palio, Carsen, Mark, Cesar

Traci, Erin, Nathalie, Leonie and Me

Yes it has been a busy month…. the kids have been back to school for a month and already had their mid term break (don’t they get too many holidays? mmmm I wonder if there is a way to keep them in school for longer).

Sean has settled so nicely into the new school and is a popular little boy again 🙂 the school highlights all the little ones strengths. He was chosen to be one of the main characters in the school play and we are so very very proud. He is a musketeer and knows his words and actions by heart already. He also lost a tooth and now is in full contact with the Tooth Fairy via email. It is too sweet to see. He video’ed the tooth fairy dropping off his money and she was not too happy with the whole scenario and through their constant letter writing, she decided to let him into her little circle of email friends 🙂 Full story to be heard when we visit!

Jessica, started taking the bus to school, but she is still so little and sometimes gets bullied. She is however learning to stand her ground and is quite fiesty. She has received “Worker of the week” twice this term and is very proud of her achievements. She is reading and writing like a star.

Sean and Jess both got their yellow belts in Taekwando when we got back from Cyprus and Sean is now being graded to receive his green belt. Grading starts on 12 June, we are very excited and he knows his moves really really well.

We are all looking forward to our trip to SA in July with loads of side trips to JBay, Durban, the Berg, Sun City and Mauritius. All very exciting, 2 months of holiday oh my gosh, how lucky are we!

Temperatures here are generally between 40 – 46 degrees, but we will be hitting 50 sooner this year than we did last year. Oh be still my heart 🙂

With friends turning 40 in the next few months and our 18th anniversary just behind us, life is special and we must take every moment to live it.

Steve is going in for another op on Wednesday to remove some squamous cell carcinomas and to be checked for further cancer cells within his body, we are very stressed but must keep our wits about us and be strong. I have recently heard of so many people being treated for cancer and pulling through with the love and support of their families. We are being positive and all is going to go well. Steve found a brilliant Dermatologist and is very confident that she will find any other cancer cells that may be floating around and get rid of them if necessary. Hold thumbs.

So peeps, looking forward to seeing my family and friends with a bit of SA love included. Please keep Steve and us in your minds and prayers.