Jess and Sean on the Wakra beach, Boat racing on the Corniche and Jess passed out on Addy after almost killing him!

Oh gosh, how time flies….we have been rather busy. The kids are in full swing with the new term and both are doing so well, I could not have hoped for anything more than 2 happy campers!
Sean has been chosen as one of the leads for the school play, another budding actor in the family, more of a drama queen / king at the moment! He is one of the musketeers and knows his lines off by heart already and the play is only at the end of June. We are so proud of him, his chess is budding and he gets very upset if he is beaten by anyone! Taekwando has also been a hit and they both progessed to their yellow belts and they are working hard towards the green belt, grading happens first week of June, so only a month to practice. It is great that they get to progess so quickly, it keeps their interest and makes them feel like they are achieving all the time.

Jess is growing up so quickly too, her reading is flourishing by the day and I find her reading the cereal boxes and milk cartons which shocks me every now and then. She is as usual a real corker and yesterday tells me that if she continues to walk the stairs (yesterday was the first time) that – her legs will start getting a six pack! Funny girl. Shame she has been battling with her ears again as we have let her swim lately as it is so hot again and her tummy has been giving her problems, which means she is not allowed to eat anything bad…..she is not happy with that!

Otherwise we are continue to explore the place and went out to Wakra Beach 2 weeks ago and to Adnan’s building last weekend. We want to go to the north of the country to explore the coast there, before the heat becomes unbearable……

2 months to go and we are visiting SA, so looking forward to seeing family and friends…….

have a good one peeps!