Gran, my hero! Who now at last is with the man she loved so very much her whole life….

God did not forget you my wonderful Grandmother. He loaned you to us for just a little bit longer so that our children could get to know you too. May you rest in peace with Grandad, who you have wanted to be with for so very very long. Your love for him never waivered and never died.

Gran, who was a Great Gran too. Oldest daughter of 70, oldest great grandchild of 24, youngest great grandchild of 3. How amazing is that. Few people get to see their Grandchildren grow up and have children of their own. She was the most amazing woman, one that will not be forgotten. The one who told me to hug the corners when she taught me to drive, who drove like a bat out of hell with her 70s dresses and glasses that were so very very cool. Who smelt of baby powder, that all you wanted to do was snuggle into her neck just to get another Granny smell.

Our trips to Durban, Gran working in Game, the fun on the beach, her wonderful flat in Berea – where we spent so many wonderful holidays, my time with her when I was at Varsity, my big red teddy bear that she got me for Christmas one year, her liquorice and sweet bowl, her funny false teeth that she scared us and our kids with, how she made us laugh, her naughty naughty side and her romantic comics and how she was so independent.

How wonderful it is that she saw most of us getting married, that she could share the birth of our children with us and have great grandchildren. We have been so blessed to have had her in our lives and to have had her share so many wonderful memories with us.

An amazing amazing woman. My thoughts and love are with everyone at home.