My question today is, when do you realise that the things you do on a day to day basis are familiar? When the familiar becomes familiar?
When I first started driving here, my concentration levels were so incredibly intense and i could never imagine getting to my destination and saying, how the hell did I get here. Well in the last week, I have become so comfortable with driving here, knowing where I am going and just becoming familiar with everything, that I am now waking up when I reach school, taekwando or the shops and think…..shit how did I get here, how easy was that, and can I now comfortably say I am a local….?
Life is becoming settled, and comfortable. Even getting up in the morning, making beds, tidying up, putting the washing into the washer, hanging it up, are all just routine and part of the day…..I would never have done that in the past! mmmmmmm………..

To end off here is a video from my little sony digital toy!