1 – Playing in the snow
2 – Where did that octopus go?
3 – Jess getting into the Med
4 – Sean going for his dip
5 – Aphrodites Bath area (Polis)

Cyprus was wonderful, a beautiful country with wonderful friendly people, blue seas, snow covered mountains, history, archeological sites, myths and so much more. We loved it and loved it so much that we bought 2 – 1 bed apartments in Paphos and are so excited about going for loads of holidays there and we hope that some of you will join us.
We came back feeling so much more invigorated after having spent our days driving around and exploring Paphos, Larnaka, Aya Napa, Polis, Troodos, and Lemosis. The mountains were beautiful with snow still in some areas and we witnessed probably the last snowfall for the season with light flakes on the roads. The sea was still chills but we managed to swim a few times and the kids had so much fun. Some days were sunny and some were really cold but overall what a fantastic time we all had.

So now we have a home at last and the it will be ready in April next year. We will then go through in July to kit it out. Well them, we have two apartments next to each other with a door connecting them. It is ideal as we can then sleep the kids in the 2nd flat when they are older or when we are on our own. When friends and family visit there is an extra flat or we can rent it out to help pay off the bond….. needless to say as this is in pounds we will be paying for this for the rest of our lives ….. 😦 lol!

It was great to get home to Doha as well though, to have our stuff around us again, our own beds, our own bathrooms and home cooked meals.
Jess started on the bus this week to school and she acts as if she is soooo big now! They both are, Sean lost another tooth as well and had the Cyprus fairy come to visit in pounds the lucky boy – so much more than Riaals or Rands!
I am off to a Qatari wedding tonight, so will tell you all about it… 🙂