What a weekend so far, last night Steve, Leonie and Cesar (and Rasgas, essentially) had a work function on, so Traci and I sat outside on the balcony sipping wine and chatting, what a lovely evening!

This morning I had a lie in, yay, and Steve tidied the apartment, then off to kerk we went and afterwards drove around to find an open ice-cream shop, to no avail…..nothing opens here in Doha until after 1pm on a Friday, if you are lucky.

So 2nd best, we phoned the restaurant on the Corniche and booked a table for lunch. We were all starving and settled in for a 3 hour marathon. Watched people stroll by, the motor boats race and the dhows wait patiently for 5pm to go out on the water. After our lovely lunch, we took a cruise in the bay and watched the sun set…….

Getting home, we decided on a quiet evening at home, watching videos, only to be rudely awakened by Steve’s – omg it is 7pm and we are expected for Dinner upstairs. We waddled up to Farrah’s birthday party and ate some more…..bloat bloat bloat…. it was lovely though. They are a Fillipino couple, so we were treated to their local cuisine, yummy…. I say as I roll back downstairs 🙂

We were also treated to a PS3 evening of Karaoke, guitar and drums being played via the TV set. Really cool and on the agenda to be bought for Xmas! Sean and Jess just loved it!

And we are only 1/2 way through the weekend, with a day out planned for tomorrow for Mother’s day….save my stomach please!