So having worked on getting all my applications to talk to each other, this is the 2nd last of the tests….having worked this out I need to figure out how to get blog to update my twitter account….the exciting life of technology!!!

So pretty people, having seen the littlee on the locals lap a few days ago, I have now seen many of them prancing around the cars and sitting on drivers laps…..slap slap slap some more people please. Unbelievable that there is just no concern at all about there safety. But it just shows the lawless nature that presides here.

Our weekend was really fun, we went out to a beach along the Ras Laffan side of the country where the gas plant is. Other than the smell and fumes (:-)))) from the gas the beach was rather fun….. beautiful blue sea and the kids had a ball.

On Saturday we had a work fun day…. 😦 for us, but the kids once again had a ball. Loads of games, fun and dressing up. Steve did a quick gym session (as it was held at our club) and I went for a wonderful 1 1/2 hour facial….woohooo.

2 1/2 weeks to go and we will be on our way to Cyprus, working on that tan on weekends people…don’t want to be too white when we hit those beaches!