Ok, so today is a quickie!!! lol….
Two things
1. I have a wonderful new running partner, she is American and runs my pace which is just fantastic….yes that is about 7 min/km, just right. We did 11km’s last night and 10 on Monday, so things are looking up for my running career.
2. I could have b*”$ch slapped someone today (sorry folks), so I am sitting in the car on the way to fetch Jessica and this local woman next to me is sitting in the front seat with her child on her lap, let me rephrase that…..driving in the front seat with her littlee on her lap….slap slap!!! As the traffic light changes, she puts the kid (probably 12 months old) back into the passenger seat (no seat belt, no baby chair) and carries on driving…… there are so many accidents here and so many deaths….it is like “stupid” should be tatoo’ed on her forehead!!! good luck to that kid!

Our dust storm thank goodness blew away, so we are hoping for a fab day down at the beach, working on our Cypruss tans!! 🙂 LATER