Well let me tell you otherwise! The bigger the better here…..

Here I am driving along in my little 4×4 and this shadow casts itself across the open skylight in the roof, looking up I expect to see a plane over head, but alas there is nothing, then I look in my rearview mirror and this gigantic enormous monsterous Hummer is behind me. No, people of us who have little Rextons, Prados, CRV’s, Pajeros, Nissans, MRVs, Freelanders, Jeeps, etc etc…..no people when the shadows of those Hummers, GMC’s and Land Cruisers cast themselves across your car, you cower, seriously cower in fear, for not only are they enormous but they have teeth that snap at your backside as you try desparately to get out of there way before you are trundled underfoot never to be seen again…….

…….hoisting myself into my car daily is like arm exercises for me, with them I would probably need a pulley……..monsters be gone I say!