Hi to my family and friends that I have added as email friends whenever I update my blog…..you are all really guinea pigs for me…..sorry!!! I am setting up a blog for the website and am trying to figure out how it all works! I have chosen you all though with the knowledge that you may in some small part of your day, want to know what we are doing when I get a chance to actually update my blog and also you may just give me some feedback!

We have had a busy couple of weeks, going out into the desert to explore and driving across the country (90km we have found out) to visit the beach on the other side which is beautiful.

Also Sean has now started at the new school and it is soooooo much better. I have got back into the homework slog, which is a nightmare and very stressful for me. But we will prevail. Yesterday I managed to get a lady that lives downstairs from us and who is a teacher to help out twice a week. More of an OT type of help but including the homework, she will make it much more fun for him and hopefully let him enjoy the work instead of hating it.

Jess has settled nicely in Doha now, she does her homework in 15 minutes and is overall just pretty easy when it comes to school. She is reading words, sounding out words in books and gets full marks most of the time for her spelling tests….and is now counting up to 100. She is very motivated to know as much as Sean does….a bit of sibling rivaly there!!

This week overall has been a lot better, last week was emotionally trying and i felt constantly challenged to be positive. I think you just have your ups and downs when you move countries and I was really missing home, family, friends and my support base. I have to constantly remember that I am slowly getting a support base here and that you are all just an email away…..

Well, all enjoy your week and love you all tons!