In the spirit of continuing with my blog, I will try and update as often as I can….which may be every two weeks or so…, with life so busy now it is a challenge to do these kinds of things……which is a good thing. I have always liked to be kept really busy with my mind ticking over at 100 miles an hour, so bring it on!

We have had a phenomenal year to date…..

At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to see the two Andy’s play against each other and no that is not Andi Rogers and Andi McManus….teehee! Andy Rodick and Andy Murray, what a great game although admittedly I would have love to see a Nadal / Federer final!! Maybe next year!

We have also established a Friday Brunch which has been fantastic as more and more people are becoming part of the brunch tradition. Otherwise we are planning our year of travelstees….April we see us going to Cyprus, July to SA and August to Mauritius. The rest of the year is slowly panning out to be more local trips, such as Oman, Jordan and Egypt…..we will still have to plan those!

Locally we have only done a trip into the desert towards the singing dunes, which i had the opportunity of hearing by sliding down on my bum…..a sound similar to the base of a chello! Very exciting…. the desert is however very hot, very unforgiving and very very dry!!! no surprises there!!

Sean has been accepted at the International School of London, very excited about that and hopefully Jess will join him soon. More on that next month

Steve spoilt me today, by getting me a digital HD Camcorder, an external DVD writer and a photo printer….. I cannot wait to get my little paws into the equipment and starting to take more video footage again!

So goodnight February, roll on March into our trip to Cyprus in April…..and goodnight all those that I love!