OK, so I have been really slack with blogging this year, really really slack, but I am back and will try and keep an update on a weekly basis as my life has now stormed ahead of me and I am trying desparately to catch up! We spent a lovely December in Ireland, Brighton and London and did a lot of travelling and touristy type stuff. In Brief this is how our trip went: – Stayed in Ireland with Shirls, Adrian, Natalie and Marco for a couple of days which was great. So nice to be with family again. Got a Christmas (REAL) tree on the first day and put that up, it was great fun for the kids. They loved being around their cousins and they idolised them……just by the way!!! We visited – Bunratty Castle, Adare, Cliffs of Mohair and small villages along the way, Mark and Angela in Kinsale, Blarney Castle and Yahoul – we loved every minute of our travels, then when we went to England we visited Alison and Sian with little Harry in Brighton, so great to spend a bit of time with my cousin and gorgeous gorgeous Harry! We then spent a week in London and did do much. We were lucky enough to get a flat to rent in central London and it was ideal. We did a quick bus tour to orient ourselves and Shirls spent the first 2 days with us after Brighton. We visited The Movie Museum, Tate, National Art, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Madam Toussads, Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards, Ripleys, Planet Hollywood, Walked the parks, Horse Guards, oh gosh I think that was it, but it was great fun, and finishing off with a good beer every evening was just perfect. That was December! Christmas with the Cos family was fabulous and we had a great time…. January was started with a running start and the kids are excelling at school now. They have settled in nicely now and are happily making new friends and have continued with Tennis and Hockey and started Taekwondo 3 times a week. They love it and are kicking, boxes and shouting houwwwwww….at every opportunity and dying to get their yellow belts….. I have continued with heavy marketing on the website and have put the PDA version to the side for a while. Marketing has increased sales, which is great news. I have continued to gym everyday and spend my afternoons fetching and carrying the kids to and from everything. Travel time here is immense and we have to give ourselves 45 mins to get anywhere, which means the afternoons are kept very busy. Steve is still settling into the job with decisions taking a long time to be finalised. I think the main thing is settling into a life which is slower than we are used to and accepting the culture and work culture for what it is. Watch this space. Steve celebrated his 45th Birthday on 30 January and we haved decided with some help from Leonie that Friday’s are going to be brunch days, spent happily lazing around at some or other restaurant, hotel or resort, just chilling. A great idea if there ever was one….. That’s it folks going into February…..