The plane trip was a lot easier on the way back, we probably got to the airport far too early but that was fine, we left at about 8pm and managed to swop seats with another passenger which gave us 4 seats this time to sleep on. the middle arms did not come up but Jess could lie across 2 seats and I could do the same. We both at least managed to sleep so on arriving in Abu Dhabi we were well rested for the flight home. it was so great walking into the airport in Doha and seeing our boys there to greet us. Before we went through though, our bags were scanned again and we were stopped to have a look into one of our hand luggage bags. There were round little balls everywhere and we eventually figured it was a toy that Aline gave to me to give to the kids….it was quite funny.
We spent the rest of the day, unpacking and giving Steven, and Sean some of their gifts and clothes. They had so much fun!