Jess and I spent the last week, doing the last shopping, seeing friends and my turn to see doctors….the week went very quickly but included having Dinner with Julie and Andi, Taryn and Jason on Monday night; A talk on Cyprus and dinner with Mags on Tuesday night; Wednesday Aline took me to the Westcliff for afternoon Tea, such a treat and then we had dinner at Les and Paul with the family and the Lairds!!; Thursday was a quiet night at home with Les and Paul and spent packing and lastly I sorted out the bills with the hospital and spent the morning with Aline saying goodbye….it was a sad day, but I also realised how much I missed my family, and the feeling of being safe in Qatar. I was forever watching my back, hanging on to my bag and had a constant feeling of being unsafe.
Jessica also got to spend time at St Teresa’s with her class on Tuesday and Thursday and loved every minute of it.
We visited Betty again and also got to see Belinda and Acacia & Barbara, Kevin and Jen….so sorry to have missed everyone else!
It was good to fly home on Friday and to be wrapped in my two boys arms and feeling like I was home. we all missed each other, I loved visiting everyone, but also loved being home….feeling a bit torn apart…..
I realise that your friends will be with you forever, no matter where you are in the world. We will always be friends, and love each other dearly, but Doha is now my home and I need to make this work! and we will…..
I love you all so very very much and thanks for making our stay so very very special. Les and Paul were wonderful as always, Jess loved playing with Lauren and Cameron and it was great to spend so much time with Aline…I think we both enjoyed it and it has helped us tied over until July next year.