The week was spent getting back into routine, washing clothes, sorting out the hospital bills to be paid back to us, Getting the Vaal Dam property sold and Seans unabridged birth certficate docs going with the SA Embassy, getting the kids physical forms filled in to get to the American School for their applications to join in Sept next year and trying to get an appointment for Sean at the hospital to assess his ADD situation for school.
I also needed to change Jessica’s one mattress and took the one that was too big back to the shop. As I was reverse parking some idiot comes screaming past me and hits out car on the side. He stops, I continue to park and get out and try to ascertain what happened. He starts ranting at me: did I not look in the mirror and see him; actually I had looked in the mirror and there were no cars coming, then I looked on the side that you reverse into to ensure that I did not bash the cars on either side of me; he must have come screaming past, not thinking that my reverse lights were on and that he should stop to let me finish parking (like any normal person would do); so I say: what happened, i look not see you, i reverse…..he got very cross….i have decided that they believe the world owes them something and are just angry people in general. you as a foreigner need to apologies, say how sorry you are and what a doos you are and then they are happy. so I said, sorry did not see you, I looked but you weren’t there when i looked, so what do we do from here? he then said, it is ok, but you damaged my car rant rant rant, but don’t worry all ok…..irritating shit….needless to say his car had a lovely scrape on it and ours doesn’t….teehee. what goes around comes around!
So that end of our first week back and a rather back breaking one at that….