I a very pleased to report we now have a liquor licence, you have no idea how nice it is to just sit and sip a glass of wine again. I really missed that and to top it all off we can sit and watch an amazing skyline.

More importantly, Sean lost his 2nd tooth and the fairy really spoilt him…. now number 3 is loose, roll on the Qatari tooth fairy! He is loving it but will not let anyone pull them out, they must come out on their own.
That was one of the many bonuses of the weekend. The next is that Jessica’s ears are a lot better, so we need to keep it that way, we have decided that if not Jess and I will fly back to SA to have them looked at by Peter Friedland and do any operative work there. We will decide on this in the next 2 weeks, as our only window to do this in is November.
Next we are almost finished with Jessica’s bookshelf and desk and one more box down. We really only have to put a couple more pictures up and store some outside stuff into a metal kist. ok and I need to clean up my desk and get my routine going. A bit of work will do me good – brain work that is. I reconfirm my belief that I was not built for housework, ever…..
Last but most certainly not least, we water skied today. One hour of pure speed crazed bliss, I love it and I managed on the first try to get up on the wakeboard, a much more physical workout than the slalem ski and a huge realisation of how much fitness I have lost over the weeks. As much as I am still doing a bit of running and walking at the moment, my physical strength has wained…back to that schedule again.