This is the week in which we decided to take Jess back to SA for her operation. She was just not getting better, after 16 injections of anti-biotics and straight back into an infection….I lost my confidence with the doctors here.
Then we started chatting to a couple of people who have lived here for a while and every person we spoke to advised us not to have any operation here, but to go back home where you know the doctors.
My week was spent communicating with the doctors in SA and setting up registering for her operation with the ENT doctor and the hospital and ensuring she was on the theatre list.
Prof Peter Friedland and his receptionist Jeanette were amazing, and were so quick to ensure that we got her onto the list.
We had to rush to get air tickets, sort Sean out with how to get to school and where to go after school until Steve got home from work….we eventually got the taxi driver to take and fetch him every day, bought him a cell phone to let us know where he was all the time and asked Elaine if he could go to them every afternoon until Steve fetched him. The little might did miss us terribly and was not happy knowing that he was not coming with us and would not see his friends.