Picure – couldn’t resist

Sometimes I feel like this, like when I have to use a taxi because I still don’t have my permanent driver’s licence and am not allowed to drive until I get it. Taxi to and from school morning and lunchtime costs QR160 a day, start multiplying that out and it becomes a shit load of money…..about R350 a day x 3 days now and counting. Wonder if the taxis and govt have something going here….

Otherwise, Jess had her last injection this morning – 6 injections this time, then a check up tomorrow and then we need to schedule the operation to remove her grommits. McManus life is never dull that much I can tell you. She is still a brave little soul and gritted her teeth during all the injections, she would kick and scream before hand, but not one tear was shed and she was very very proud of herself for not crying. She is so very accepting of anything that happens to her and I just pray to God that they are good with her and look after her in the operating theatre like they do in SA, I almost want to just fly home for Peter Friedland to have a look at her and have the operation over there, it would make me feel so much better knowing the doctor and that she is in safe hands.

Sean is so happy to be back at school, even if he won’t admit it. Just to be able to play with his mates again and not just Jessica. I do think that he often feels like the underdog, as he is never sick (even with the chicken pox, he did not get it), and he just does not get the attention that Jessica does and of course the praise that she gets after all the trauma. Something we are definitely working on…. I suppose you as the parent feel blessed that he is so strong and never really worry about him and do all the worrying for her…but I know he also needs attention and I must definitely make an effort to make him feel very very special.

Me well, quite frankly I have been a lot happier and wonder if I will ever feel happy again, like I did at home in SA. It is pretty hard to find similar type people to yourself here, as I am learning and I must admit my own conversation during the day in my head is becoming quite boring, with the realisation that I have actually become quite boring…. note to self – need to do something about that. I saw on facebook, some mates at work and how they had pranked one of their workmates, and I had such a good chuckle and remembered how much fun I used to have at work… I really miss that so much… life needs to be fun and it just isn’t at the moment.