Photos – Roundabouts in Doha

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now, so here goes. The street names in Doha are a sight for sore eyes, when you are not arabic speaking, but slowly you learn the names. They consist of names such as Al Amir, Al Waab, Al Furousiya, Al Bustan, Al Muntazan – if you have the Al ok, then you can get around just about anywhere ….lol!!
When I take the kids to school we go along The Corniche, turn into Grand Hamad road, which becomes Al Matar, into D ring road, then Najma, towards the mosaic and they are just behind the Al Ahli Sports Stadium….quite a mouth full!

Then there are the roundabouts and you just hav to love them….
Exhibition, Sheraton, Museum, Oryx, Theatre, White palace, Sports, Rainbow, Independent, Ramada, Sudan, Toyota – roundabouts – they are all na11med after something that has been built close to them or what they look like…makes life a bit easier to find things…someone will say – turn left at the rainbow roundabout and it will help with directions..

Then there is the A, B, C, D and E ring roads which are the highways, like the N1, N2, M1, M2 etc…. so other than the arabic street named roads it is not too bad to get around….teehee