Photos: The view from our bedroom window & the building site right outside of the window…..we will have to enjoy the view we have while we can.

We have just about finished unpacking….3 weeks and counting, we cannot believe just how long it has taken to get organised, but in retrospect, with only having 3 hours in the morning from dropping the kids to fetching them and very little time in the afternoon, it is not surprising that it has been slow. The apartment is looking really nice and quite cosy. The pictures went up yesterday, just our photos of family that now need to be placed and Jessica’s desk that needs to be built. Steve has done a phenomenal job of building all the beds and desks and added bits and the kids rooms are looking fantastic. So wonderful family and friends we have fitted in at last, we have thrown or given away quite a lot of things.
It is now time to have some fun, to settle down and enjoy life here. I so want to just go and explore, camp, snorkel, blowcart and water ski, the bug is biting quite hard as I am feeling very couped up, it is very difficult to have an outdoor lifestyle here until it gets cooler. We hit 29.5′ at 10pm on Thursday night, so things are cooling down at last. We are more in the 30’s now than in the 40’s (other than at midday) which in itself is a blessing, although we both keep saying that we think we are aclimatising as it does not feel as hot as when we first arrived. We are looking forward to the cooler weather and some time spent out in the desert and outdoors. I think this is a place where we can have a telescope and have fantastic views of the night skies, camp fires and a bit port sounds really good.