Photo: Diplomatic Club, Kids mattresses (too cute)

Decided to chill a bit after working like crazy on Friday, the apartment is getting there, went out on Friday evening to a Ramadan Feast “tented feast” at the Carlton-Ritz Hotel. Started at 9:30 pm and finished around 1:30am and managed to get into bed by 3am….There was a fabulous Egyptian dancer and the dance was magic, with loads of colours and strength to get through it….sorry you had to be there to understand! Needless to say, there was no alcohol so a bit dry….roll out October!

Saturday we watched Batman, at last then went to the Diplomatic Club to chill out for the afternoon after ballet. So all in all a chilled weekend.

6 days to Sean turning 8, he is so excited and I spent an hour in Toys R Us to buy all his pressies, boy is he going to be a spoilt little boy….again!

Just a quick by the way: On the way home from getting the kids matresses, we stopped next to a bus and the driver was so sweet – chatting, smiling and waving at the kids. It is quite heart breaking, these guys are away from their own families up to 2 years at a time… wonder they love touching and talking to the kids whenever we are out!!! My heart breaks for them!