Well, what can I say….the last few days have been so very very difficult. With boxes piled up to the ceiling and furniture unable to be moved from the basement up to the apartment, we are pulling our hair out a bit.
I have probably finished unpacking about 20 boxes so far and there are so very very many that still need to be unpacked. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with it all. The pleasant nods from the people that work here and promise to help out and for days you don’t see them again, then when you query why your furniture is still in the basement, in a pool of water – when you find them and ask what is going on – they nod their heads and smile and tell you that they will do it today and then, well then nothing happens…..
Yesterday they eventually brought up the bookcase and left it outside the lift, so kippy here had to push it into the apartment. Needless to say I am not a very happy chaplet at the moment….Betty would be such a wonderful relief for me right now.
I desparately need a break and some me time, the cooking, cleaning, washing and hours upon hours in the car and heat is just a bit much….and I miss my friends!! Dammit…..

Other than that, Jess has almost completely clear ears, but we need to continue drops for two weeks to ensure that everything is still ok….
I had a check up and am waiting for the results in anticipation. Medical side here is very very good.

goodnight everyone! And think of me unpacking!