A very busy two days – We have managed to get the kids into the expat hockey team here, at the moment it is a mixed group between the ages of 6 and 10, Jess being the youngest and toughest. She climbs into the group and is absolutely fearless, our next little provincial player!! Sean loves the game, but is happiest in the goals defending!! The group is coached by a South African guy – Neville – he is so good with the kids and they had so much fun and that is what it is all about is having loads and loads of fun. We all get so grown up so quickly and we forget that life is all about having loads of fun…..

Swimming lessons have also started, the kids each have a coach so get undivided attention and the coaches are fantastic, they play with them and then do some swimming work and play again and onto the work ….. etc etc, but what they are doing is teaching them while they are playing. Like balancing on their shoulders, and Jess can now stand without holding on and Sean can jump from the trainers shoulders…..and all we heard were giggles and laughter coming from the pool. So different from their teacher in SA. Sean actually said: “Mom we had so much fun, not like with the lady in South Africa, she was just mean…” We had a good laugh.

Needless to say we are still unpacking, a 40 foot container is bloody big and our 7 bed enormous home in SA is now trying to fit into a 3 bed tiny apartment here…. It is great fun finding every nook and cranny and coming up with ingenous ways of storing all our sh1t….not that we will part with too much of it, so the camping gear that we have not used since the kids were born is being stored for the day they are big enough to go hiking and camping – by then I reckon those backpacks that saw a lot of the Drakensburg way back when will be old and perished!!

Ok, the countdown is for our little baby fast growing up boy…Sean….5 sleeps to go, he is so very very excited about it all…..