Photo: to follow shortly

Our container arrived on the 11th yay, and most of the contents made it upstairs. What did not make it was the Dining room table which we now need to shorten and the bookcase, which needs to be separated (shelves from base) and brought upstairs.

Otherwise everything is in, we are now sorting out what to keep and what not. A few boxes have already made their way out of the door and there is going to be a lot more to follow. I have unpacked the kitchen (most of it) and all the furniture is more or less placed in the final positions they will definitely remain in for many years to come. I packed so many wine, champagne and sherry glasses away today and had a good old chuckle at the fact that there is no alcohol in the house. So sad!

The kids are very excited about everything arriving and Steve is going to build their beds tomorrow. We ordered them in November last year (2007) and they will finaly be built after only arriving towards the end of May this year from Taiwan….can you believe they have travelled so far already!!!

Sean also went to play on his first play date yesterday, with a little boy John from his school. He is very sweet and also South African, he has an older brother Peter and they are both really fun little boys. He had a blast….We are so please he is happy and has made friends that are similar to himself!

Needless to say, Steve and I are excited. My hands are peeling off from all the washing of dishes and I am ready to fall over….goodnight!