I am at the stage that I feel like I am going a little off my head, it’s like when I went and bought some clothes and a few of the items were on sale and when I went to pay for them I was told that they weren’t on sale anymore, even though the For Sale signs were still up in the shop and the items were marked down. Have you ever!!

My point being that our container was to be delivered yesterday, and Steve took off work. Lo and behold, by 11am when nothing had arrived, I phone and ask where it is….. ooooooo No madam, the port authority did not sign it off yesterday, you will have to wait until tomorrow…. once again, have you ever. Stuff the fact that Steven has taken time off to be around or that i have to fit in fetching the kids at lunch time without a Maid to leave to watch over things. Which means locking the house up, locking the moving people out for however long it takes for Steve to get back from work, which means wasted time. But oh no, we don’t think like this…..crazy stuff!

Issue number 2, friends and family from SA may not be able to visit. Why? Because we are on the list of Countries not permited to enter the country as visitors. But where there is a will there is a way, and I am going to find it……

So on to unpacking….later