Photo: Diplomatic club which we are now joining

So as I was drinking in the scenary on the way home from dropping the kids off at school, my mind drifted to a couple of things.

One that I have been so blessed in life with the family and friends I was given in this lifetime. Usually you can count the true friends on your one hand in your lifetime and I know I can count more than that.

At school I had the most wonderful friends and I am so lucky to still be friends with the same people today, we have stood the test of time and come through loads of happy, sad and frustrating times, from single life to marriage to children.

To meeting new friends as my life has progressed who have meant something to me each stage of my life and how these friends (who came to my wedding 17 years ago) are still my friends today. That we email each other and chat on a weekly basis (with me no longer in the country). To meeting people further down the line in my life, that have just grown to be amazing supportive friends.

I never thought I would be so lucky to have and keep such amazing friends. I have also been blessed to make another such friend in the last 2 years and she has grown to be so very special to me. She has made sure that she emails me every day, and we try and chat via skype now every couple of days. It has helped me so much during my transition here. I know how busy our lives get and how it is so easy to get caught up in it all and she has made sure she takes time out of her day every day just to give me a heads up, to let me know what is going on in her life and to ask me how I am and if I am coping. It is so rare to find someone who takes time to do this…..Aline you are an absolute ANGEL I do believe you have been sent to me by an Angel too and how I wish we had become friends sooner, you have been my rock since I have been here. Listening to my moaning when things are not going right and to my happiness when things are brilliant!!!! That you care so very very much, means the world to me.

Not that I don’t love everyone else, please don’t get me wrong, every one of my friends has played a part in my settling down (and by friends I include all my sisters and parents – as I hope you are all my friends too). Every person has emailed me, called me or sms’ed and I appreciate all the support so very very much. And I love you all very very much!!!

On a lighter note, I have to let you all know what I really hate about this place!!! The driving, it drives me insane, and if you thought SA taxi drivers were bad, well you ain’t seen nothing yet guys. The Qatari’s are unbelievable obnoxious, pushy iny, pains in the butts. They screach down the sides of the “emergency” lanes and push in at the front of the queues waiting to go around the most horrendous circles with people going in all directions and changing lanes in the circles and to top it all off the circles (roundabouts) have 3 lanes in them……then the assholes are up your asshole and if you slam on brakes because someone else has, they have the audacity to hoot at you for stopping and almost bumping into your backside because they were too close. It is an experience to experience!!! all I can do is keep my cool, swear at them, (they can’t hear anyway) and keep my little bundle in the car safe!!