Photo: Evening shot from the apartment

Jessica, thank goodness has finished her course of anti biotic injections and she was oh so very very brave. I am very proud of her for putting up with all that pain. What this poor child hasn’t been through in her short little life. And yet it just doesn’t stop!!! We go tonight to see if the injections have worked and if the grommits are still in her ears. Hold thumbs, I seriously do not want her to have another operation.

Sean has been bumped a year up, and will now be in Grade 3, he is not too keen on this, but it just shows the level of the education in SA, not bad from struggling in Grade 2 in SA to being bumped up to Grade 3 on an international syllabus. Needless to say, he is not too charmed about the move, it means leaving behind the mates he has just made in the last week and was really enjoying getting to know. To having to make a whole new load of friends. I am hoping they keep him here, as they are saying that he may just be bumped up to Year 4 (which I am not keen on) as he is a very bright boy. This has done wonders for his self esteem, as St Davids was very tough on the boys and he was always perceived as being mediocre there, here he is a star!!! Oh be still a mother’s heart.
He is also acting so very grown up and it is so sad for me to have to let go of my little boy.

Last bit of news – Jessica is in loads of trouble at the moment. When we arrived here, Steven bought a 42 inch LCD TV as a gift for himself (his little present for himself for the year) and we bought the kids a Wii. They were playing Ten pin bowling which means taking the remote and doing the action of Ten pin bowling with the remote in your hand. The strap is meant to be around your wrist and a plastic cover over it for protection. Well you can just imagine, they were swopping remotes and put different gadgets on them as they were going through the various games – first Tennis, then baseball and finally Ten pin bowling and there were no straps around wrists or covers on. Jess takes her turn and lets go of the remote and it smashed into the TV, which is now broken. R12 000 worth of TV and we are probably going to have to through the TV away. We have had it for a total of 8 weeks. Solution, we will not have a TV in the house until the container arrives and then we are not buying a new one, the old ones will be used. Poor Steve, he was so looking forward to watching athletics on it.
Anyway so goes life, a lesson to never buy anything that is too expensive because accidents do happen!! And unfortunately the kids need to be taught a lesson – ie that things cannot be replaced if they are broken. So Steve is going to have to go without, until we believe they have learnt the lesson!