30 June – saying goodbye at the airport was really hard, for someone who doesn’t enjoy crying too much, I bawled my eyes out! I feel like I have left a lot of me behind and in a way I hope so, I want people to look at a picture on their walls at home or drink a bottle of wine or cup of coffee and remember me and wonder how we are and what we are doing!!!

The kids were very good on the 8 hour flight, mainly because they each had their own tv’s and could watch whatever they wanted to. The flight was easy and the stewards were friendly and helpful. The airport was refreshing, we were whisked through customs by our own personal consultant, no waiting in line or checking of bags etc etc. We sat and waited for everything to be done in a lovely lounge with refreshments and the kids could just chill. They were amazing, they carried (or wheeled) their own luggage and were really really good. The airport were full of men with sandles on and traditional clothing, very few woman. Everyone was just sitting around waiting, sitting mainly on the floor. When we stepped outside, the heat hit us with a vengence, this was the middle of the night and the temperature was probably about 40 degrees. We waited for the bus and were eventually taken to the hotel, where we unpacked, bathed and fell into bed exhausted at about 12pm.

welcome to our first day in Qatar!