Photo: Doha from our window

Waking up in a strange land and looking out the window to a sand covered city and knowing this was home for quite some time was a bit daunting.
We had to get up and get ready to be taken for blood testing and photos, etc etc by the company. The waiting then began and we were welcomed to Doha time, very similar to African time, funny enough. The driver eventually picked us up at about 3 or 4 pm, cannot quite remember now. So we waited the entire day for him to fetch us, frustrating as hell as we could have been doing stuff or at least the kids could have been swimming and not sitting in the hotel room waiting!

We first went to have our photos taken for all the paper work and later medicals that we needed to have done. Then we all went for blood testing, a quick prick of the finger and 2 seconds later we all new our blood types. Jess did not like the prick and I must admit it was a bit sore. Steve is A-, I am O+, Sean is A+ and Jess is 0+, very happy that she is the same blood type as me. Once that was done, some of the guys were taken to open bank accounts, we wanted an HSBC account which would need to be done the next day. We were whisked back to the hotel and that was our day!