What a mad rush to get everything ready to leave. It has been rather a whirlwind of getting things packed, sold or given away. Saying goodbye to my bestest of friends of which I have known so many for so many years, my heart is aching!

Through all of this, I have come to realise how truley blessed I have been throughout my lifetime. To have been born into a family that loves me unconditionally (even though we all think we are judged by family and friends all the time, I can tell you this is not true) – true family and friends will always except you as you are. To have met, made friends with and stayed friends with so many wonderful, beautiful, kind hearted, special special special friends. To have shared so many memories, experiences, life changing events, good and bad days together, through laughter, tears, sunshine and rain. To hope beyond hope that they will all stay close to me and in contact and not disappear as so many people do when they leave and start a new life somewhere else.

To hope that I will in my future lifetime meet people that are as dear to me as everyone I have left behind, that I can laugh unconditionally like I have over the last couple of years and have no one take offence to what I am laughing at, with whom or about whom……

I have this indescribable empty gap in my heart and gut and throat which makes me realise just how much every person I have ever known has meant in my life. How everyone has helped me to grow in some way and just how much I am going to miss everyone.

So I have decided to write something about everyone that is special in my life, to make everyone realise just what you mean to me!!

My Mom and Dad: Are very special in my life, I love the fact that I can chat to them (argue sometimes) and know that I am loved unconditionally. I love the hugs, the kisses and most of all just knowing that they are there.

Debs, Dave, Ashley and Robyn: The times we have spent together have meant so much, Two Oceans runs from coming last to sprinting into the finish, braais and sun tanning, having my hair done and the chats and advice, seeing Ash going to her matric farewell and Robs showing us her ballet, of the kids playing together, skiing and tubing and laughing our heads off, screaming when the boat goes too fast, Dave’s jokes with the crazy accents and just laughing.

Shirls, Adrian, Marco and Nats: As much as you are not in SA, you have skyped us and chatted us through the move, helped with advice and knowledge that you already have of having done this before. Kept my chin up for me and let me know that everything is going to be ok…..yay to be able to spend Christmas with you and know I have family not too far away.

Les, Paul, Cameron and Lauren: Living down the road feels like a lifetime ago, the kids are missing Cam and Lauren terribly and want to know when they are coming to visit. Les the times we have spent together, the chats, being able to pop in and always feel welcome and just stay and order take aways and drink wine and chat chat chat – i am going to miss that a lot. I just took it for granted that we would always be able to do that. Paul’s friendly welcome helpfulness. The wine clubs and entertainment that you and Steve always provided!! Cam, Sean, Lauren and Jess playing, the laughter and giggles and fun….. my heart is hearting again!

Aline, Rohan, Ceri and Kaylin: A friend that I have known for so many years, but who has become part of my life and heart in the last 4. Our coffees after gym, followed by a long heart filled chats on life, love and everything else that came up. Someone who I can trust and rely on, another sister and life long friend. Whose kids would let mine climb all over them, hide easter eggs for and play with whenever we just arrived on your doorstep and never sulk about having to spend time with little ones. The kids miss you too. And I miss you every day my friend.

Magsie Pie and Alex: Wow what we have shared over the years is phenomenal. Heartache and joy combined. climbs into the Drakensburg with me bitching about my bleeding feet, or back or head! My kids and especially Jessica, your hugs, your laughter, your advice, your strength, your growth, your love, your unconditional being; are all things i will take away with me and learn and grow from. Your belief in the good in everyone, your forgiving side…..

OK, I am in tears now, so I will have to continue with this tomorrow…..