Today was tough, Steve and I are both extremely hung over and are feeling awful. And busy busy busy. Steve is trying to complete the Xpatulator update and I had to take the cats in for their moving certificates (which are being collected tomorrow by the pet movers) and they got chips put in, I got scratched to ribbons.
We got the results of the electrical certificate, it amazes me how you try your damdest to ensure that when you renovate you use the best and yet you still need to do copious amounts of work to get stuff fixed…..makes me have very little faith in people in general.
From their I had to go and get my car cleaned to get it to the AA for the roadworthy certificate. Aline might buy it depending on the cert or i will put it onto AA Autobay. It seems to work as Steve is seeing someone tomorrow to sell his. Cleaned out the store room today, so just the garage to go…..
Mom and Dad arrive on Saturday and we are looking forward to that.