We are so busy running around now that by the end of the day I typically have forgotten what I have done. We had people in and out looking at the house again, it is getting really stressful not selling. We just need to keep sending those positive vibes out there that it happens.
Steve set his car up on AA Autobay today while I started cleaning up more paperwork and cleaned out the desk draws, it is amazing how much time everything takes.
In the evening Andrew popped in with presents for the kids – tents with all the trimmings, binocs, magnifying glasses, and sleeping bags. They propped the tents over their matresses and fell asleep inside, it was terribly cute.
I met up with some old work and school mates at the Randburg News Cafe, which was loads of fun. Steve and Andrew joined us later and then Steve, Gerhard, Neil, Brenda and myself proceeded on to Anat which is owned by Gerhard where we stayed until about 2:30am. Let’s just say that we are not feeling particularly great today 19 June!!!