Photo: The Sports Complex

Busy day, the kids are really missing Steven and they are very attached to me at the moment. It is interesting to see how they are feeling insecure with one of their parents missing from the normal day to day lives. It shows how important routine is for them. I am trying to keep everything as normal as possible and their daily lives as it should be. Steve is back tomorrow, and we should be back to normal until July.

Steve has accepted the job in Doha and will be starting on 1 July, the probability is that he will be gone a few days before that. The kids need to see the school term through and then will start a new school year in September. We will probably keep Sean in Grade 2 and move Jessica into Grade 0 as we made her repeat Grade 00 this year and she is shining now!
The news of the move is a bit mind blowing at the moment and I am trying to make it more realistic. I will miss my family and friends very very much, art, gym and my gym partner!!! But I must admit I won’t miss the driving to school, crime and uncertainty.

Steve seems very excited and seems to think that the place is wonderful, developing and will be great to live in for a while. What an adventure we are going to have!