Photos: Qatar
The complex we will live in
The lounge dining room area

The club house

Al Khor

A view of the bay

What an emotional day: Steve got home this morning at 8am, it was great to have him home even though he was not gone for long.

We decided to tell Betty that we are leaving and that is probably going to be the hardest part of the move for me. Betty is Sean and Jessica’s 2nd mother, she was there for both of them when they were born and we took turns sleeping next to Jessica when she had the tube and could not breath properly. It breaks my heart and I start crying everytime I just think about it…..

Then we told the kids, Steve painted a beautiful picture for them of the country and someone convinced them that they wanted to move there. When I joined them, they told me about this wonderful country and how they wanted to move there. So that was easy, the hard bits will come later when we have to say goodbye to Betty. I think Jessica understands the implications as she is very attached to Betty and hugs her every chance she gets.

We have started applying to schools already as they are very difficult to get into and looking at what we are going to keep and get rid of. There is much to do and it is quite an enormous task but we will break them little by little and manage it like a project.

The prospect of a new culture and a different environment is very exciting and we are going to head into it as the biggest adventure ever!! Hold thumbs….