Photo: Qatar skyline

Missing Steven, it is strange how you can get so used to someone being around and when they are gone you realise what a huge part of your life they are!! The kids are missing him as well…. interesting to watch how they process how long he is still going to be gone for!

I am going to post pictures when Steven gets back as he has the camera and is taking copious amounts of pictures of Qatar. He says the place is amazing. It has a similar skyline to Joburg and his developing at a rapid rate. The complexes are going up at a rate of knots and driving around is mahem. The roads have 4 lanes on each side and the people drive like maniacs (everyone drives on the wrong side of the road btw!!! Wrong being on the right and not on the left – something I am going to have to retrain my brain to do).
He said the Villas are all brand new (literally – no one has lived in the one we will move into if he gets the job) and the areas inside are fantastic, they have tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, entertainment areas and gyms… there are loads of shops, westerners all over the show and it is really vibey. Woman are walking around in short sleeved, shoulder bearing tops and shorts. So no problem with clothing. We would be based in Doha City, so the school would need to be near where we live… I am sure he will have all the details when he comes back!!!
All so exciting, will keep you all updated as I get the news…..