Photo: Mother’s Day dinner (on Friday night) at Lucios, Sean loves the Ferraris!!

With Steve away it has been a quiet day spent at home with the kids. Slept in while the kids watched tv downstairs which was a treat (they are getting big enough for us to do that now). We went out to get some food at Woolies then had a quiet lunch. Watched DVD’s, jumped on the trampoline and while they were bathing I started my vegetables patch, by separating the various beds and puting stones and pavers down. My lettuce is now planted and I want to start getting the other seedlings ready. Probably not the right time of year to actually be doing this, but I will plant winter veggies – which ones are they??

Steve landed safely in Doha, Qatar this morning and said the place is fantastic. Doha has a very similar skyline to Joburg and has cranes everywhere with the amount of building going on. They were being taken around the city and area this afternoon, so hopefully I should have some more details tonight. Interviews were rescheduled from today to tomorrow. He is back on Wednesday morning, can’t wait to see the pics and hear all the details.